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Join the Kings Court Kennel Waiting List for Our First Ever Litter!

How to Join Our Waiting List:

Step 1: Fill Out the Waiting List Form

  • Provide your personal information and share your experience with Presa Canarios or other large breeds.

  • Let us know your preferences for gender, color, and any specific goals or activities you have in mind for your puppy.

Step 2: Submit Your Form

  • Ensure all required fields are completed and submit your form online.

Step 3: Secure Your Spot

  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on the waiting list. This deposit will be applied toward the purchase price of your puppy.

Step 4: Stay Informed

  • Once on the waiting list, you will receive regular updates about the upcoming litter, including health clearances, temperament assessments, and progress reports.

Our Commitment to You:

  • Health Guarantee: All puppies come with a health guarantee, and we provide documentation of health tests and vaccinations.

  • Support and Guidance: We are here to support you throughout your puppy's life, offering training tips, health advice, and ongoing assistance.

  • Quality and Integrity: Our breeding program is built on quality, integrity, and a genuine love for the Presa Canario breed.


Ready to Join the Kings Court Kennel Family?

If you’re ready to welcome a Kings Court Kennel Presa Canario into your home, we invite you to fill out our waiting list form today. Our puppies are placed in loving homes where they can thrive and reach their full potential.

Contact Us:


For any questions or additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or call 252-469-5153.


Our dedication to breeding exceptional Presa Canarios ensures that each puppy meets the highest standards of health, temperament, and performance. To join our waiting list and reserve your spot for a Kings Court Kennel puppy, please fill out the form below.


Experience and Preferences

Do you have previous experience with Presa Canarios or other large breeds?
What are your primary reasons for wanting a Presa Canario? (Check all that apply)
What type of environment will the puppy be living in?
House w/ Yard
Do you have other pets?
If yes, please provide their ages and breed:
Are you willing to commit to training and socializing your Presa Canario?
Are you familiar with the exercise needs of a Presa Canario?
Gender Preference
No Preference

Thank you for your interest in Kings Court Kennel! We will review your application and contact you with further details. For any questions, please reach out to us at or call 252-469-5153.

Todd and Dr. Priya Valentine, DVM

Owners and Operators

Kings Court Kennel

Phone: 252-469-5153


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