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At King's Court Kennel, preserving the authentic lineage of our Presa Canarios isn't just a preference—it's an unwavering commitment. Central to this dedication is our rigorous approach to pedigree documentation. Our esteemed female, Nahla, stands as a testament to this ethos. With a meticulously documented lineage spanning generations, Nahla's roots can be traced back to numerous champion pedigrees, showcasing the premium lineage that Kings Court Kennel upholds. As we continue our journey, anticipate the arrival of more exceptional Presa Canarios that match Nahla's pedigree prowess. Our promise is to always deliver on lineage integrity, ensuring every dog at our kennel is a true reflection of the breed's illustrious heritage. More majestic canines are on the horizon, so stay tuned!


K9 Kennels Nahla, BCAT CA

"The Foundation"

Nahla, an exceptional Presa Canario, has achieved remarkable success in various canine sports, including earning the prestigious AKC FastCat BCAT Title. This recent accomplishment marks her as the 7th Presa Canario in AKC history to attain this impressive title, setting her apart as a top performer in her breed.


During her FastCat endeavors, Nahla demonstrated an impressive top speed of 26.95 MPH, making her the fastest Presa Canario in the breed for the year 2023. Her agility and speed are a testament to her athleticism and prey drive.

Nahla's achievements extend beyond the FastCat arena. She achieved a two-time Novice Champion in Rally Obedience (ASCA), where her exceptional focus, precision, and unwavering determination shine brightly. 


However, Nahla's accomplishments aren't limited to the show ring or the field. She maintains an active lifestyle that embraces physical activities, challenging her athleticism and intelligence. Nahla embodies the spirit of a well-rounded Presa Canario, excelling in both her competitive pursuits and her everyday adventures.


Her dedication to training, her impressive titles, and her active lifestyle exemplify Nahla as a true ambassador for the breed, inspiring those who have the privilege of witnessing her achievements.

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Klutch Ur Pearls De La Fundacion

"The Stud"

Introducing Klutch Ur Pearls De La Fundacion, our rising star at just 7 months old. Klutch has already earned his first Rally Obedience Title, demonstrating remarkable potential and aptitude at such a young age. With his brindle coat and strong pedigree, Klutch embodies the qualities we strive for in our breeding program. His early achievements are a promising indication of the exceptional traits he will pass on to future generations.​​​


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