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Dedicated to Presa Canario Breed

We strive to embody the breed's rich history and purpose. These canines are more than pets; they are a statement of power, loyalty, and elegance. From agility and obedience to protection work, our Presa Canarios exemplify the epitome of canine excellence.



King's Court Kennel was born out of a profound admiration for the Presa Canario breed. Over the years, our passion for these majestic canines has evolved into a mission: to uphold and enhance their revered lineage. From our very first Presa Canario to our future champions, our journey has been one of dedication, knowledge, and unparalleled love for the breed.

We believe that every dog is a testament to its ancestry and upbringing. At King's Court Kennel, our approach is holistic. We focus not only on the physical attributes and pedigree of our dogs but also on their temperament, training, and overall well-being. This commitment to comprehensive excellence ensures that our Presa Canarios are not just fit for royalty but are true embodiments of the breed's noble history.

Veterinarian-Owned Excellence

King's Court Kennel stands distinct in its commitment to canine well-being, a testament to our veterinarian ownership. With a foundation rooted in veterinary expertise, every decision we make is informed by a deep understanding of canine health, physiology, and welfare. This unique edge ensures that our Presa Canarios receive not just love and training, but also the pinnacle of health care, creating a harmonious blend of passion and professional insight. At King's Court Kennel, we're more than breeders; we're seasoned guardians of canine health and happiness.

Dr. Priya Valentine, DVM

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